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DGV Distribution

16 Le Jonquier Saumane - France London 84800
<p>Email <a hrefmailtosgervaisdgv-mexprocouk>sgervaisdgv-mexprocouk</a></p> Web: dgv-distribution.fr

<p>DGV offers MEXPRO treatment solutions range for fuels and biofuels based on organic active compounds biodegradable non-pollutants patented and whose effectiveness is recognized by UTAC see details below avoiding the disadvantages of stability miscibility fuels and bio-fuels the presence of excess water these treatment solutions do not contain any heavy metals or combustion catalysts

The MEXEL technology lower CO2 emissions by 475 and lower NOx emissions by 144 for a loaded Scania truck Euro IV UTAC testing - NERV60 protocol

MEXPRO treatment solutions are eligible to the French ADEME CO2 Convention equivalent to the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme of UK Freight Transport Association up to 44 CO2 emissions reduction

MEXPRO treatment solutions are derived from MEXEL technology
MEXPRO treatment solutions are emulsifying compositions for re-homogenize and emulsify a mixture of mineral oil and / or vegetable oils and water fuel diesel fuels biofuels
A cascade of positive effects from storage to gas releases
- a better homogenization of the different components mineral oil water vegetable oil
- Peptization and rheology fuel viscosity will be indeed constant which will lead themselves to
- improving combustion homogeneous combustion
- optimized yields of the engine Cleanliness of surfaces progressive cleansing of the engine
- a decrease of pollution emissions reduction CO2 NOx reduced fouling</p>