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Surface Transforms

Unit 4, Olympic Park Poole Hall Road Ellesmere Port CH66 1ST

Main Telephone -
44 151 356 2141
Sales Enquiries -
44 7718 604117
Fax -
44 151 356 7948

Web: www.surfacetransforms.com

Surface Transforms is the UK's leading manufacturer of next-generation' carbon fibre reinforced ceramic composite materials CRFCs. We manufacture and supply Carbon-Ceramic brake discs and other components incorporating our patented ceramic material for a wide range of applications including automotive brakes aircraft brakes and rocket components.

The latest generation of ST Carbon-Ceramic brake discs have significant improvements in heat management made possible by our unique 3D matrix construction. Our discs are smaller and lighter for any given application than Carbon-Ceramic discs produced by traditional methods. This is achieved by improved thermal conductivity and an optimised cooling vent design which work together to efficiently transfer heat away from the friction face resulting in an average disc surface temperature of 100C less than a traditional Carbon-Ceramic brake disc. As a result less disc material is required to manage the heat allowing the design of even lighter discs than previously possible.

The main benefit of applying Carbon-Ceramic brakes in Low-Carbon Vehicles is of course the weight saving up to 70% of the weight of the disc assembly compared to tradition iron or steel brakes. Surface Transforms process is also relatively low-cost and without tooling costs making it highly suited to producing small volumes of discs to suit any application. Uniquely Surface Transforms Carbon-Ceramic brakes can also be refurbished at the end of their life significantly reducing the lifetime CO2 impact.