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SusMobil Ltd

7 Olives Meadow Uckfield East Sussex TN22 1QY

Tel: 01825 761890

Web: www.susmobil.org.uk

SusMobil delivers sustainable transport and improves community cohesion, with its innovative electric vehicle car club for short-hop journeys in cities and island communities.

Each installation introduces a low-carbon transport choice for residents, visitors, and businesses alike. The low-environmental impact of the company's vehicle brings one of the most novel features of the scheme, low-cost local assembly of vehicles in a city-hub, a micro-factory situated in the host community. This provides employment, purchasing, and training, and creates ownership for the scheme. With the vehicles designed for minimal lifetime impact and cost, and simple recycling at end-of-life, the city hub builds the vehicles, maintains them during their life, and recycles/re-uses them at end of life; a truly holistic‚ low-impact philosophy.

Delivering the local government low-carbon agenda via the car club, in tandem with the social benefits from the employment and training opportunities, is hugely attractive.

SusMobil are keen to collaborate with local authorities and other organisations who share an interest in developing low-carbon transport solutions.