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WeatherVelo Ltd

PO Box 297 Hampton London TW12 9AS

Email: info@weathervelo.com

Web: www.weathervelo.com

WeatherVelo specialises in developing cabin-cycles and cabin-scooters. These are lightweight electric vehicles (under 200kg), which bridge the gap between two-wheelers and cars.

Urban congestion and pollution are growing problems worldwide. Driving a 1000kg car to move a 75kg human is inefficient use of energy (whether ICE or electric), but whilst cars are overpowered and oversized, two-wheeled alternatives pose higher risks and lack weather protection. WeatherVelo eco-vehicles address these issues.

Many years of research, development, market analysis and prototyping have been undertaken; both in Britain and with colleagues in Germany. However, WeatherVelo is a micro-business and the cabin-scooter project (type-approval category L2e) needs the resources of a larger organisation to move forward towards commercialisation. Please get in touch for more information, if you would like to become involved.