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Westfield Sportscars Ltd

Unit 1 Gibbons Industrial Park Dudley Road Kingswinford DY6 8XF

Contact via email
Phone - 01384 400077
Fax - 01384 288781

Web: www.westfield-sportscars.co.uk

Westfield In-house Capability
Low Carbon Vehicles and Products which include and is not limited to Hybrid and Pure Electric Road and Race Cars
Manufacturing - Steel Aluminium and specialist materials such as Reynolds Tubing
Assembly - Sub Assembly Full Vehicle or Product
Distribution - Local delivery European Network and Global network - All types of product
Process - Concept Assesment Design Manufacture Introduction to Service and Disposal - where needed
Leglislation - European Vehicle and Product leglislation including UK and EU Vehicle and Product Leglislation
Technical - Design CAD CAM Full Product or Vehicle